Amazon Takes Logistics by Storm

Logistics Platform

Amazon Launches New Freight Brokerage Platform

What’s new in logistics? Just recently, Amazon has initiated a new platform that is taking the logistics industry by storm. Amazon, without any hype or notice, has launched a new online freight brokerage platform. According to the company, this platform has the ability to staggeringly undercut market prices. How much? Upwards of 26-33 percent on average.

Where is the service currently offered?

The online logistics service is currently providing full truckload rates in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It enables shippers to get instant rate quotes with just the quick entry of your pick up and destination zip codes.

How will they provide this new service?

Amazon themselves will not be supplying the service with their own vehicles, but are however, brokering access through their extended network of third-party carriers. Their new platform is now live at