A Little About Us...

As time marches on from generation to generation, so does our family business. It all began back in 1930, the depression era.  Life was tough for everyone and our grandparents Frank and Carmella Babbino started up the family business, “The Babb Trucking Corp”. With only one truck, our grandfather began by picking up bales of silk from the Brooklyn and Staten Island piers. As time progressed over the next several years the company expanded. Babb Trucking had expanded to more than 25 trucks servicing all of NY and NJ. No matter how much our company grew, we never lost sight of the importance of each and every customer, regardless of their size.

The company endured through tough economic times, and when our grandfather passed away in 1959, the company was left to his three sons, John (our father), Joe and Kearny (our uncles). Babb Trucking prospered through the good years. In 1985, we opened up a warehouse in South Kearny, NJ. A 120 thousand sq. ft. facility needed to accommodate the growing needs of our customer base, which we occupied for the better part of 5 years. We then relocated to Port Elizabeth in 1991. In 1995, our father John passed away, leaving the business in the capable hands of his two sons, Frank and Richard Babbino.

We have now expanded the business and are proud to announce the formation of our new company, Babb Logistics Inc., where we currently operate as a full service container freight station, located in Elizabeth, NJ (in the Phelps Dodge complex). We are strategically located within ten minutes from either Port Newark or Howland Hook container terminal in Staten Island.

As we heard our father repeat time and time again, “we have nothing to sell in this business but ourselves and dedicated service to our customers”, some of whom have been with us for over forty years. We will never abandon the principles instilled upon us by our father.